Regulatory Services

Dealing with Government bodies tends to be a complex process, from getting the correct permissions, understanding the documents that need to be submitted, to finally following the correct rules enforced by the authorities. All this can be daunting process if the right kind of knowledge is not present. With the help of experts, who have more than 30 years of experience in this field, we thoroughly study, analyze and then provide step by step solutions to whatever issues you or your institution is facing.

So whether you are looking for a reduction in your property tax for your company building or whether your Co-operative housing society is looking to redevelop its buildings or any other legal or regulatory issue you are facing, our consulting services in the field of Regulatory Services covers providing detailed & accurate advice on state & contract acts with regards to Local governing bodies, e.g. Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and various other departments of State Governments.

In this, we cover activities of:

Redevelopment Projects
Government Land Clearances
Various legal agreements
Government of India: Rules/Acts/Amendments
Other matters of MCGM coming under the ACTs and Regulations of the Corporation are addressed & redressed depending upon its scope and interpretations

Presently, the hot subject is that of Property Tax based on Capital Value in Mumbai and Suburbs. This affects every individual/co-operative/company that owns property in the Mumbai region. This property tax is revised every 5 years (2010, 2015 and so on) and has a significant impact on the amount of tax ones pays to the government.

Our specialization is the analysis of the Property Tax amendments and here we shall be able to guide and help our clients to economize and reduce financial burden they are facing. This will be immensely beneficial as any changes or reductions will have a permanent effect on the amount our clients are paying, this holds most true for Residents, Flat owners and in particular Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Housing Societies etc.

This above list is not exhaustive and we cover all work related / connected to the above subjects. If you don’t see the issue you need help with in the above list then contact us and we will put you in touch with an expert for a free 30 minute consultation. This is an opportunity for interested individuals, Housing Societies & Builders and all concerned to avail of our services.